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Coming H1 2018

What is TRU Colors?

TRU Colors Brewing is not your average brewery. Sure, we make great beer, but being TRU is a way of life. We represent taking the path less traveled. We represent opportunity. We represent unity. We plan to show this in our beers, our restaurants, and most importantly, our actions.

Great Beer

In June of 2017, 11 gang leaders came together to form TRU Colors Brewing and put a stop to the ongoing gang violence. We’re made up of active Bloods, Crips, and Growth and Development (TCB employees must remain in the gangs to influence their members) who are driving gang culture to be a positive influence in communities and inspire others to stop the violence.

The result? Not one (zero, zilch, none) shot fired by any of the nearly 600 members associated with TCB gangs since inception in July 5th, 2017.

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