We’re a business employing active, rival gang members coming together to stop gun violence. Our business is to brew great beer but our mission is to resolve conflicts through honest conversations and understanding. We’re tired of saying “RIP” so we’re committed to each other and our community to STOP GUN VIOLENCE.


We invest in our communities every day through our Ambassadors who hit the streets to solve problems, end beefs, and build trust and relationships.  


This personal connection to our communities is a vital component to our ongoing effectiveness in reducing gun violence.  We gain awareness of all players and their beliefs which enables us to start conversations that stop gun violence and spark understanding and growth.


Influence is important to our success, and the more gang members we can hire the more influence we are given.  However, there’s a limited number of people who can work at our brewery (about 90), and so we launched TRU Work.


Through TRU Work we hire gang members, put them through our 2-month onboarding bootcamp and then contract them to partner companies.


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Steve, Craig, and Ant are ambassadors to the North Side, East Side, and South Side, respectively