Behind every TRU Colors beer is more than just ingredients. TRU Colors realizes that our story is the personal connection with people and our beer. Each of our beers will tell a story about the TRU Colors process.

-Press, Brewery Operations Specialist


Forming new bonds where rivalry existed is a process - it takes time! As we’ve defied everyone’s expectations of what can be achieved by gang members, it’s also taking time to perfect our recipes and secure a location that will serve as home base as we refine our approaches to reducing gun violence so we can spread our message across the country.


The Conversation

Changing perceptions starts with a conversation, whether it's black and white or members of different affiliations.

The Neighborhood Hero

Each of our employees has the ability to step up in their neighborhood and demonstrate what it means to put the guns down and man up.

The Gateway

TRU Colors is a gateway to opportunity for our employees.  By working hard and embracing the process, anything is possible.

The Initiation

The final step (or fall) starts 13,000 feet above the ground, where all new employees of TRU Colors jump out of a plane to demonstrate their dedication.


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