Want to hire a TRU Colors Apprentice?

Our brewery and brewpub won’t open until the first half of 2018 — it’s a big project and takes some time to get going! In the meantime, we want to begin recruiting and vetting the rest of our team, and we also want to provide opportunity to gang members who want to work.

To make both these things happen, we’ve setup the TCB Apprentice Program. Here’s the deal: Anyone who wants a position in the brewery must first successfully complete 2 months in the TCB Apprentice Program. (It could be longer if a TCB position is not immediately available.)

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a TCB Apprentice or if you’re interested in hiring a TCB Apprentice (they really are awesome!), signup below.

Want to be a TCB Apprentice?

The TCB Apprentice Program is 2+ months working at a manual labor position. It’s not easy, but that’s kind of the point.

We want to know you’re committed to building a legit life — you own a car, own a house, have a family, go on vacations, etc. And we want to know you’re willing to work hard to make your life happen.

To get the answer to that question, we hire apprentices at a $30k salary, and we contract them to a company that will give you plenty of challenging work — think construction, car wash, etc.

Want to hire a TCB Apprentice?